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‘Tis the Season: Aesthetics Holiday Trends

With the end of year quickly approaching, the Aesthetics team at Guidepoint Qsight reviewed several years of trending data from Qsight Aesthetics Point-of-Sale and Qsight Aesthetics Tracker to unpack how behavior changes at MedSpas and Aesthetics practices in and around the holiday season.

Lightning Strikes the Peripheral Thrombectomy Market: Examining the Rise of Penumbra and the Impact of Innovative Devices

The peripheral thrombectomy market in the United States has been witnessing significant growth and innovation in recent years. With new devices constantly entering the market, Qsight’s healthcare facilities purchasing data has been monitoring the impact of these new products.

Rapid Ascend: Axonics Gains Ground in the SNM Market Amid F15 Launch and Next-Gen R20 System Arrival

Qsight has been monitoring the Axonics F15 SNM System since its launch in March 2022. Our healthcare facilities dataset shows that Axonics experienced a rapid increase in sales after the launch of this system, as this system offers a recharge-free option that now directly competes with Medtronic’s Interstim X.

Medical Aesthetics Industry Faces Economic Uncertainty: Putting the “Lipstick Effect” to the Test

As 2023 began with lingering economic concerns from 2022 (inflation, rising interest rates, risk of recession, etc.), the aesthetics industry’s hope for continued strong growth may be challenged.

TAVR: A Turbulent Journey Through Pandemic Recovery

With the leader of the TAVR market, Edwards Lifesciences, reporting a small miss in their third quarter earnings report, Guidepoint Qsight analyzed the short term and long-term effects of COVID-19 on the overall U.S. TAVR market.

Assessing Insulin Pump Market Trends in the Durable Medical Equipment Channel

Qsight’s HME/DME Purchasing Data provides clients with real-time intelligence into market share and purchasing insights in the non-acute medical device sector. We looked at our capture of insulin pumps from the top players to assess market share and market growth in the durable medical equipment channel.

2020 to 2022: Shifts in MedTech Purchasing Trends & Market Share

Guidepoint Qsight’s healthcare facilities purchasing dataset captures trends in multiple segments within the MedTech space. We break down insights on these segments and the top manufacturers in the space.

Impact of Patient Generation on Brand Choices within Neurotoxins Market

As MedSpas become an important growth driver for the medical aesthetics industry in the U.S., Qsight’s aesthetics point-of-sale data…

Abbott vs Boston Scientific: Competing for Market Share in the Left Atrial Appendage Closure Market

With Abbott announcing the availability of its Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath, Guidepoint Qsight took a closer look at the left atrial appendage closure market…

Evaluating Market Recovery in Orthopedics

Qsight’s medical device purchasing dataset captures trends in several markets, including the orthopedics market. We took a closer look at…

Physician Sentiment as Omicron Hits: How Staffing Shortages Affect Their Facilities

With the Omicron COVID-19 variant sweeping across the nation, Guidepoint Qsight has gathered insights from physicians on staffing shortages and…

Is Penumbra Regaining Ground in the Ischemic Stroke Market?

After the launch of Penumbra’s new product, the RED 72 catheter, we took a look at its impact and other…

Shockwave C2 Shocks the Coronary Arterial Disease Device Market

With Shockwave surpassing Wall Street’s expectations with their third-quarter earnings, Guidepoint Qsight took a closer look at how their new…

Can Botox Hold On To Its Customers?

Guidepoint Qsight’s proprietary Aesthetics data examines patient spending in the United States, providing insight into brand retention in the Neurotoxin…

Can Anything Disrupt Boston Scientific’s (Lux-Dx) Momentum in the U.S. ICM Market?

Guidepoint Qsight’s unique mix of quantitative healthcare facility purchasing data and qualitative commentary from our Tracker panel uncovers market share,…

Zimmer Knee is Growing – But is it Growing Fast Enough?

Guidepoint Qsight captured insights into the overall U.S. Orthopedics Knee market, identifying tremendous double-digit growth in Q2 2021, up 13.5%…

Signs of Market Recovery in the MedTech Space

Guidepoint Qsight’s medical device market-level dataset has captured trends in multiple MedTech market segments. Following the sharp drop at the…

Strong Growth Trends for Non-Surgical Medical Aesthetics Treatment Sales

Guidepoint Qsight’s data captured a surge in spending on non-surgical medical aesthetics treatments in March and April 2021. Neurotoxins, dermal…

Medical Aesthetics Market Intelligence from Qsight’s New Dataset

Guidepoint Qsight is excited to announce the launch of a new Medical Aesthetics market intelligence offering where you can track…

Neurology Medical Devices Share Shifts

Guidepoint Qsight’s healthcare facilities purchasing dataset provides insight into market share shifts in the neurology space from 2019 to 2020….

Cardiology Medical Devices Share Shifts

Guidepoint Qsight’s healthcare facilities purchasing dataset provides insight into market share shifts in the cardiology space from 2019 to 2020….

2021 Outlook: COVID-19’s Impact on Procedure Volumes

With COVID-19 continuing to create uncertainty, Guidepoint Qsight has gathered insights from U.S. physicians across healthcare markets on their expected…

COVID-19’s Effect on Med Device Manufacturers

Since the onset of COVID-19, Guidepoint Qsight’s healthcare facilities purchasing dataset has been capturing the effects of the pandemic on…

Growth in the U.S. Peripheral Thrombectomy Market

Guidepoint Qsight has been tracking the U.S. Peripheral Thrombectomy market, capturing a growth rate of +56.6% from 3Q19 to 3Q20….

The Aesthetics Landscape Amidst COVID-19

Following temporary bans on elective procedures earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Guidepoint Qsight was able to capture…

COVID-19’s Impact on MedTech

Guidepoint Qsight has been monitoring the number of U.S. COVID-19 cases per capita reported by state in 2Q20 and the relationship to changes in healthcare facility medical device purchasing.

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