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About Us

The Qsight Story

Beginning with the acquisition of Quanton Data by Guidepoint in 2018, Guidepoint Qsight has been leading the way in advanced healthcare market intelligence.

Erik Haines, Managing Director of Guidepoint’s Data Insights team said,
“Given the influx of alternative data in the marketplace, it’s often challenging to know what data brings value and what data is simply noise. Grounded in a wealth of proprietary data, Guidepoint Qsight’s purpose is to provide an unprecedented window into patient demands, competitive landscapes, and emerging business trends, enabling a harmonized integration of both quantitative and qualitative data into strategic planning.”

Focused exclusively on the healthcare space, our dedicated team of experienced clinicians, data scientists, and domain specialists work to reveal usage and purchasing patterns in the industry’s most dynamic markets. Qsight works to guide clients in extracting critical insights from the data, delivering a comprehensive product-level understanding of the market, and facilitating analysis for absolute clarity.

Guidepoint Qsight. Turn Data into Clarity.

Our Team

Erik Haines

Erik Haines
Managing Director

Erika Sheyn
Senior Director of Aesthetics

Justin Jones
Senior Director of Technology

Kenneth Dolgin
Director of Quantitative Research

Travis Deseran
Director of Quantitative Research

Robert Conklin
Senior Vice President of Sales

Sean Sookhoo
Vice President of Sales

Jordan Coimbra
Vice President of Strategy

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