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The Authoritative Source for
Aesthetics Industry Intelligence

Guidepoint Qsight’s exclusive Aesthetics industry solution has rapidly become the definitive resource for market intelligence on the Medical Aesthetics industry.

Qsight’s intelligence offering combines unique Market Model insights based on analysis of proprietary point-of-sale data coupled with our proprietary TRACKER survey panel to empower detailed analyses of the aesthetics market at the practice, patient and product level. This unique combination of aesthetics data is unparalleled in today’s market.

Access Key Industry Insights to Conduct Detailed Market Analysis

Aesthetics Market Model

In-depth analytics on Point-of-Sale Data: basket analysis, brand loyalty/switching, loyalty program profiles, pricing elasticity

Transaction-level metrics: dollar spend amount, number of transactions, discounts, average price per transaction

Facility-level information: size, geographic location, total sales volume, number of practitioners

Patient attributes: age/generation, gender, geographic location

Data Specifics
  • Patient Spend Captured: $9.3 billion from 11,000,000 invoices
  • Point-of-Sale transactions from 1,000+ practices (55% MedSpas and 45% Plastic Surgeon & Physician Practices) representing 3,100+ clinic locations
  • Unit of Analysis: Transactions
  • Data Inception: 2017 with optional additional historic data
  • Update Frequency: Monthly or Quarterly
Markets Covered

Dermal Fillers
Energy-Based Devices
Professional Grade Skincare
…and more


Qualitative insight from physicians on key topics of interest in the aesthetics space

Company, brand and product sentiment and practitioner outlook

Custom, proprietary survey questions

Data Specifics
  • Over 140 physicians and practitioners surveyed (Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Non-Core Physicians)
  • Unit of Analysis: Physicians
  • Data Inception: 2007
  • Update Frequency: Monthly
Markets Covered

Dermal Fillers
Breast Implants

Targeted Solutions for Your Business

Patient Journey / Brand Loyalty
  • Identify the most common treatment pathways for patients, in terms of temporal order of treatments and brand switching
  • Uncover which brands are most susceptible to being switched away from


Basket Analysis
  • Determine products and procedures combinations that are most often purchased in the same visit


Patient Age/Generation
  • Distinguish if younger patients are using a wider array of products and procedures pre- or post-pandemic
  • Discern treatment differences between age groups
Facility Sales Volume
  • Understand patient and facility size correlation to multiple brand use over time
  • Study if the number of treatment options at a facility impacts individual patient treatment usage


Pricing Elasticity
  • Explore the impact of unit price of injectables (dermal fillers and neurotoxins) on brand selection
  • Evaluate if facilities that charge lower prices per unit for injectables attract more patients


Here’s what Aesthetics industry executives have to say about Qsight’s offering:

There are few sources of data which can be viewed as authoritative as Qsight to develop strategies and executable field tools.

Senior Marketing Analyst
Device Manufacturing Company

Qsight data has become a critical resource for our organization.  It has directly impacted how we measure our impact in the market and has provided us with critical insights that have influenced our go-to-market strategies.

Business Analytics Manager
Biotechnology Company

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