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COVID-19’s Impact on MedTech

Guidepoint Qsight has been monitoring the number of U.S. COVID-19 cases per capita reported by state in 2Q20 and the relationship to changes in healthcare facility medical device purchasing.

In general, states with more COVID-19 cases saw a more drastic decline in medical device purchasing. States that had fewer cases per capita are seeing a lesser decline in medical device purchasing.

When taking a closer look, U.S. medical device purchasing spend plummeted about -60% year-over-year during the start of the pandemic. As the growth in COVID-19 cases began to slow, there was a slight rebound in healthcare facility purchasing; however, with the rapid rise in new case count in July, purchasing began to decline again.

The above is based on Qsight’s healthcare facilities purchasing dataset analyzing over $12B from the top 21 players in medical devices across a panel of close to a thousand distinct healthcare facilities and hospitals.

U.S. Census Population:
U.S. Covid-19 Cases:

Post created by: Shimul Sheth, Quantitative Analyst, Guidepoint Qsight

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