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Gain Real-time Insight Into The Medical Device Market

Guidepoint Qsight provides unique, predictive insights into the medical device market, based on the industry’s most comprehensive dataset. Our three standalone or integrated data solutions empower you to incorporate quantitative data and qualitative insights into your research process, to build and inform your business strategies.

Purchasing Data





Access Key Industry Insights to Conduct Detailed Market Analysis

MedTech Market Model

Designed to answer your most urgent and complex questions, Guidepoint Qsight MedTech Market Models provide tailored views of the activity most pertinent to your business. Our experienced team of data specialists work in concert with you for an iterative, multi-stage approach to uncovering actionable insights.

Our U.S. Medtech Market Models provide near real-time manufacturer and product-level performance from 3,000+ healthcare facilities across the U.S. giving you access to:

  • The largest panel of U.S. facilities including hospitals and ASCs
  • Detailed product mapping and categorization hierarchy
  • Accurate market projections by manufacturer, brand and product
  • Primary research capabilities to supplement existing data
Our Clients Depend On:

Unbiased Data

We leverage our healthcare facility purchasing and procedure data from thousands of US healthcare facilities alongside monthly industry survey panels to provide comprehensive estimates for the total U.S. market.

Total Market Projections

We leverage our healthcare facility purchasing and procedure data from thousands of US healthcare facilities alongside monthly industry survey panels to provide comprehensive estimates for the total U.S. market.

Customer Service

The Qsight team offers clients end-to-end support with quantitative analytics and real-time data science expertise.

Customization of product classification and hierarchy

As every client looks at the market differently, each has the ability to make their view as relevant to them as possible by customizing the brands, products, and manufacturers included. They can then draw conclusions quickly in their preferred file format, or through our portal.

Key Highlights

  • Facilities: 3,000+ 
  • Facility Types: Hospitals, ASCs, Medical Groups 
  • Markets covered: Cardiology, Peripheral Vascular, Neurovascular, Neuromodulation, Orthopedics
  • Key Metrics: Sales, Units, ASP, Market Share and Growth 
  • Detailed Mapping: Segment, Brand, Product Type, Product and More
  • History: 2015 to Present


Qsight’s Tracker is a proprietary, survey-based longitudinal product covering expert panels in 15+ healthcare markets. Tracker delivers quantitative and qualitative analyses of the med device segment at the practice, patient, and product level.

Gain deeper visibility into patient demand around your products, comprehensive insight into the competitive landscape, identify business trends, and forecast opportunities through standardized outputs or identify your own areas of inquiry with a custom questionnaire delivered to our exclusive panel of physician respondents.

15 Years of Continuous Data

Qsight Tracker has been collecting monthly same-site survey data from physicians across the world since 2007, allowing us to capture key metrics such as device implant volume, prescription volume, average price paid, treatment switching activity, sales rep interactions, revealing near real-time trends in volume, market share, and pricing.

As of this year, we provide additional coverage of highly specialized markets, with survey respondents providing insight into full year and quarterly forward-looking procedure expectations.

Key Highlights

  • History: since 2007
  • Geographies: US and International
  • Data Frequency: Monthly/quarterly
  • Expert panel: Over 100 physicians and practitioners surveyed
  • Industry: 15+ healthcare markets
Conduct Custom Research

For markets where visibility is limited, we can now also offer fully customizable questionnaires answered by a hand-selected pool of physician respondents chosen from amongst Guidepoint’s Advisor Network of 1,425,000+ experts globally.

Each survey can be configured to track key metrics on a monthly or quarterly basis, analyzed by a dedicated team with healthcare market expertise by subsector who are available to answer any questions.

Data Specifics

  • Data Frequency: monthly or quarterly
  • Dynamic Questions: Custom questions are available for clients to submit every month or quarter
  • Site Characteristics: Facility-type, Physician-Type, U.S. Census Region-Division Geography
  • Facility Type: Hospital, Medical Practice, Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), Medical Spa, Integrated Delivery Network
  • Qualitative Data Examples: Product Feedback, Sales Representative Interaction, Product-Switching, Patient-Product Feedback, Dynamics Driving Product Choice

Claims Data

Guidepoint Qsight’s market intelligence solution references Claims Data to provide an unmatched tool with visibility into Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid claims for 350+ million covered lives across all care settings. Our tailored outputs provide an understanding of the activity between facilities, physicians, and patients around your product set to inform your strategy and ultimately improve business as well as clinical outcomes.

Curated Views, Enabled by an Expansive Data Library

Unlike rigid, one-dimensional outputs that fail to realize the full value of claims data, our solution draws from four separate data sources to cover a substantial portion of the available market.

Guidepoint Qsight Claims Solutions Offer The Highest Return On Investment Of Any Claims Data Solution Available Today.

Robust data

Our claims dataset covers over 77% of clinical activity in the US. This robust data is then enhanced with additional detail based on our monthly custom primary data from our physician panels, hospital purchase order data, AHA Facility data, and open payments data.

Advanced analytics

Our experienced team of clinicians, claims data experts, and data scientists generates highly valuable and accurate insights which are presented through user-friendly, ready-to-use visualizations and intuitive dashboards, making it effortless for you to access and consume the information.

Expert Support

Not only do our team of skilled professionals help extract insights from the data, but they work with you throughout the project to help you answer specific questions, comprehend the market from various angles, and add additional layers of research and analysis based on your evolving needs.

All of these services are available at a price comparable to the cost of the raw data alone from other providers, enabling you to benefit from comprehensive insights and intuitive visualizations without breaking the bank.


350 Million+
covered lives


2.5 Million+
Healthcare providers


hospitals & ASCs

Featured Medical Device Markets

U.S. Spinal Cord Stimulation

  • Monthly implant volumes from 2017
  • 5,000+ permanent SCS implants captured annually with an estimated U.S. market capture of about 8%
  • About 50 sites reporting for 130+ physicians
  • Manufacturer and product-level data:
    • Initial consultations
    • Trial and permanent implants by brand
    • Average selling price
  • Key Manufactures: Nevro, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Abbott / St. Jude, Nalu, Stimwave

U.S. Transcatheter Heart Valves

  • Monthly implant volumes since 2013
  • 5,800+ transcatheter valve replacements captured annually representing about 8% market capture
  • About 50 sites with physician specialties
  • Manufacturer and product level data:
    • Tracking by product, brand-level usage, and share
    • Aortic, mitral, and pulmonic valve replacements
    • Mitral and tricuspid valve repair
  • Key Manufactures: Medtronic, Edwards, Abbott, Boston Scientific

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