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Qsight Alpha: The Definitive Source for Healthcare Performance Data

Designed by investors for investors, Guidepoint Qsight Alpha provides exclusive quantitative insight into the medical device, aesthetics, and diabetes markets with near real-time manufacturer and product-level performance from the largest datasets available today.

Consistently more accurate than consensus views, Qsight Alpha provides unmatched visibility into expected company revenues based on accurate monthly and quarterly sales tracking of medical device manufacturers.

U.S. Healthcare Facilities
Purchasing Data

Manufacturer Monitoring

  • Screen dozens of medical device companies by topline sales, market share information and KPI tracking

Sales Estimates

  • Monitor intra-quarter manufacturer performance relative to expectations for more accurate positioning

On-Demand Support

  • Leverage our team of analysts for comprehensive end-to-end support with quantitative analytics, industry knowledge and near real-time data science expertise


Unique insight into individual company performance captured by medical devices and supplies purchased by 3,000+  U.S. facilities:

Transaction-level metrics: U.S. estimated sales, average sales price, facility specific sales and units
Detailed Mapping: Manufacturer, Revenue Division, Product Category, and Product Family
Curated Views: Data visualization selected for most important KPI’s for easiest ingestion

Data Specifics
  • Data History: 2010 – present
  • Total Dollars Captured: $50 billion+
  • Data Frequency: Monthly data updated weekly
  • Companies highlighted: 29
  • Number of Facilities: 3,000+ healthcare facilities (hospitals, ASCs, physician offices)

Home Care Supply Purchasing Data

Deep insight into actual home care supply purchasing behavior captured by medical equipment, devices, and supplies purchased by 5,000+ U.S. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) pharmacy locations:

  • Near real-time intelligence into market share and purchasing trends for the key companies in the non-acute medical device sector
  • Multiple quantifiable metrics that are logically relevant to company product sales – including total spend and units purchased

Data Contents: product classification, automated outlier removal, spend by manufacturer/type/brand, units sold by manufacturer/product type/brand, raw data descriptions, limited outlier removal, SKU-level transactions

Data Specifics
  • Data History: 2015 – present
  • Total Dollars Captured: $2.3 billion
  • Data Frequency: weekly
  • Number of DME Facilities: 5,000+

Aesthetics Point-of-Sale Data

Insight into actual spending in the aesthetics space capturing total patient spend, near-real-time point-of-sale data from MedSpas and physician practices across the U.S:

  • Monthly and quarterly spend trends by manufacturer and brand
  • Dermal Filler, Neurotoxin and Breast implants market patient spend share
  • Product penetration trends
  • Quarterly aggregated dollars for company revenue comparisons
  • Same-store sales growth vs. total sample growth

Data Contents: dollar amount spent by patients (before and after discounts), quantity, number of distinct transactions and invoices

Data Specifics
  • Since 2007
  • Over 140 physicians and practitioners surveyed (Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Non-Core Physicians)
  • Unit of Analysis: Physicians
  • Update Frequency: Monthly/Quarterly

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