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Shockwave C2 Shocks the Coronary Arterial Disease Device Market

With Shockwave surpassing Wall Street’s expectations with their third-quarter earnings, Guidepoint Qsight took a closer look at how their new C2 catheter has taken the Coronary Arterial Disease Device market by storm.

  • In February 2021, Shockwave launched its C2 Coronary Intravascular Lithotripsy catheter, which is a device that helps open up calcified arteries to allow for stent implantation.
  • Shockwave’s C2 rapidly captured significant market spend and unit share in the coronary arterial device market just eight months after its launch.
  • When taking a closer look, Qsight’s healthcare facilities purchasing dataset found that C2 is priced at a premium compared to competing brands. 
  • Although Boston Scientific’s ROTAPRO Atherectomy System has been purchased by the greatest number of healthcare facilities, Qsight’s dataset shows that Shockwave’s C2 catheter increased market penetration from 12% to 50% in just eight months after its introduction to the market.
  • Shockwave’s explosive gain in share is due to Shockwave’s C2 higher price point and a result of rapid market acceptance and adopted use.
  • The question remains if Shockwave can continue this momentum and remain a market leader, stealing more share from legacy brands in the coronary arterial device market. 

The above is based on Qsight’s healthcare facilities purchasing dataset analyzing over $150M from the four dominant players in the U.S. coronary arterial device market across a panel of 600+ distinct healthcare facilities and hospitals. 

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Post Created by Shimul Sheth, Senior Quantitative Analyst, Guidepoint Qsight, and Kenneth Dolgin, Vice President of Quantitative Research, Guidepoint Qsight

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