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Physician Sentiment as Omicron Hits: How Staffing Shortages Affect Their Facilities

With the Omicron COVID-19 variant sweeping across the nation, Guidepoint Qsight has gathered insights from physicians on staffing shortages and impact of Omicron at their facility.

  • 46% physicians and administrators in our panel report that their facilities are currently understaffed and are currently hiring.
  • Of the sites that were previously or are currently understaffed, almost half (48%) reported that being understaffed has limited the number of patients that are able to be seen at their facility. 
  • One quarter (26%) report that they are unable to perform all scheduled elective or deferrable procedures due to staffing shortages.

The above is based on primary survey data gathered from a proprietary panel of physicians from 300+ unique healthcare sites performing medical procedures on a monthly basis.

For a more detailed report on physician and administrator sentiment regarding staffing shortages as the Omicron Variant becomes dominant, contact us here.

Post created by: Sean Sookhoo, Vice President of Market Research, Ariana Tsanas, Research Operations Analyst, and Shimul Sheth, Senior Quantitative Analyst


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