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Investment Solutions

Guidepoint Qsight provides investors with unique and predictive market insights in the healthcare space, based on the industry’s most comprehensive data.

Our solutions help clients incorporate quantitative data and qualitative insights into their research process, ensuring outside data inputs can contribute to informed investment strategies.

Get The Data You Need To Get It Done

From maximizing returns to minimizing risk, Qsight gives institutional investors the intelligence it takes to evaluate a company’s true performance.

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Quantitative Insights

Grounded in the latest healthcare data, Qsight Alpha is your go-to resource for quantitative insights into the performance of companies in the Medical device, Aesthetics, and Diabetes sectors.

Consistently more accurate than consensus, gain unparalleled visibility into anticipated company revenues, based on monthly and quarterly sales tracking of manufacturers.

Understand The Nuance Behind The Numbers

Early-stage or established, Qsight equips private equity, growth equity, and venture capital firms with the insight needed to navigate today’s healthcare opportunities.

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Primary Data

Qsight Tracker collects recurring primary survey data on a monthly basis from 2,300+ global physicians across 15+ specialties (including cardiology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, neurology, pain medicine, internal medicine, pulmonology, hematology, and others), enabling the capture of nearly real-time trends in volume, market share, and pricing for the benefit of investors.

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