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Can Botox Hold On To Its Customers?

Guidepoint Qsight’s proprietary Aesthetics data examines patient spending in the United States, providing insight into brand retention in the Neurotoxin space.

Using a sample of patients who had at least three Neurotoxin injection visits over at least six months (n=159,657), we reviewed what brand they started on (first visit) and which brand they used in their most recent visit.

  • Botox is the most common starting brand, used by 72% of first-time Neurotoxin patients. 
  • Our data shows that Botox has a larger market share on the first visit (72%) than most recent (69%), indicating that more patients are switching from Botox to another product than switching to Botox.
    • 13% of patients who started on Botox switched to a different brand in their most recent visit.
    • 8% of patients who had Botox done their most recent visit started with a different brand.
  • While Botox lost about 4% in total share based on the most recent visit brand, Dysport gained 3% share (17% vs. 20%), and the majority of the increase in Dysport share came from Botox starters.
  • Despite losing some brand share, Botox still has the highest retention rate between first and most recent injection: 87% of patients who started on Botox also used Botox in their most recent visit. 

These findings come from Qsight Aesthetics point-of-sale data from 1,385 aesthetic facilities across the United States with patient visits from May 2019 to September 2021. The patient sample (n=159,657) is Neurotoxin patients who had at least three Neurotoxin injection visits over six months or more.

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Post Created By Shimul Sheth, Senior Quantitative Analyst, Guidepoint Qsight

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