Guidepoint Qsight has been gathering insights from our panel of over 400 facilities to keep our customers informed and ahead of the curve. The below TRACKER Alerts capture procedure-specific trends and sentiments to help you get essential information quickly.

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    Spinal Cord Stimulation Procedures TRACKER Alert - November 2020
    Medical Aesthetics TRACKER Alert - October 2020
    TAVR and TMVR Procedures TRACKER Alert - October 2020
    HAE TRACKER Alert - September 2020
    Robotic-Assist Surgery Systems TRACKER Alert - September 2020
    PAH TRACKER Alert - August 2020

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    TRACKER Alert on Spinal Cord Stimulation Procedures – November 2020 

    Insights in the report include:

    • Current and expected SCS product usage and procedure trends
    • Senza Omnia vs. Intellis DTM product attributes
    • Perspectives on anticipated SCS product launches
    • Expected procedure growth per expanded clinical indication

    TRACKER Alert on Medical Aesthetics – October 2020 

    Insights in the report include:

    • Current RHA product usage and expected market penetration
    • Awareness and perception of anticipated DAXI launch
    • Expected shifts in unit share for dermal fillers and neurotoxins given Revance’s product portfolio
    • Factors influencing future product usage
    April TRACKER Alert
    June TRACKER Alert

    TRACKER Alert on TAVR and TMVR Procedures – October 2020

    Insights in the report include:

    • Current and expected TAVR procedures by indication and patient-risk
    • TAVR and MitraClip patient backlog in September 2020
    • Expected shifts in patient volume and product usage in Q4 2020
    • Anticipated clinical breakthroughs in TAVR and TMVR markets

    TRACKER Alert on HAE – September 2020

    Insights in the report include:

    • Satisfaction with current HAE treatments
    • Awareness of new HAE products in development
    • Likelihood of switching to new pipeline products when approved and available
    • Percentage of currently treated HAE patients who would switch to pipeline products, by current treatment
    July TRACKER Alert
    August TRACKER Alert

    TRACKER Alert on Ortho Robotic-Assist Surgery Systems – September 2020

    Insights in the report include:

    • Attitudes towards robotic-assisted surgeries vs. traditional surgical approaches
    • Expectations for increased robotics use at practice in the future
    • Likelihood of a purchasing robotics system in the future
    • Impact of COVID-19 on robotics usage within the practice

    TRACKER Alert on PAH Market – August 2020

    Insights in the report include:

    • Current landscape of PAH patients in TRACKER data by drug class and year-over-year changes in patient volumes
    • Awareness of PAH pipeline treatments
    • Likelihood of future use of pipeline treatments
    • Awareness and perception of Remunity pump
    May TRACKER Alert
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