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Since March 2020, Guidepoint Qsight has been gathering insights from our panel of over 400 facilities to keep our customers informed and ahead of the curve. Representing a variety of specialties from around the world, our COVID-19 TRACKER Alerts have captured the effect of this global pandemic on elective procedures and highlighted physician sentiments.

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    December 2021 TRACKER Alert – Staffing Shortages and the COVID-19 Omicron Variant

    Insights in the report include:

    • The impact of staffing shortages on patient care across facilities
    • Expected timetables for a return to full staff
    • COVID-19 Omicron Variant preliminary perspectives
    • Omicron’s effect on facility operations through qualitative verbatim responses

    September 2021 TRACKER Alert – Delta Variant 

    Insights in the report include:

    • Same-site update to the Physician Confidence Index. Analysis by region, physician type, facility type, and states with >80% ICU capacity
    • COVID-19 Delta Variant impacts on deferrable procedure volumes
    • Expected deferrable procedure rescheduling
    • Qualitative verbatim responses provide further context into which procedures have been impacted the most

    December 2020 TRACKER Alert – 2020 Year-End Update

    Insights in the report include:

    • Number of elective, semi-elective and emergent procedures performed, plus 2020 procedure rescheduling trends and Q1 2021 outlook
    • Same-site physician confidence ratings and outlook changes from May, August and December 2020
    • Implemented strategies to help offset COVID-19 fears
    • Qualitative physician sentiment

    August 2020 TRACKER Alert – Perceived Roadblocks to Normalcy

    Insights in the report include:

    • Number of elective, semi-elective and emergent procedures performed, along with the impact of COVID-related factors on procedure volumes
    • Physician confidence ratings and outlook changes from May to August 2020
    • Financial hardships of patients
    • Qualitative physician sentiment
    August TRACKER Alert
    July TRACKER Alert

    July 2020 TRACKER Alert – Manufacturer Usage

    Insights in the report include:

    • Shifting manufacturer utilization, with expectations through year end
    • Manufacturer’s responsiveness and satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Number of procedures performed
    • Qualitative physician sentiment

    June 2020 TRACKER Alert – Cancellations and Rebounds

    Insights in the report include:

    • Number of procedures performed
    • Expected rebound in elective procedure volume
    • Permanent procedure cancellations due to COVID-19
    • Qualitative physician sentiment
    June TRACKER Alert
    May TRACKER Alert

    May 2020 TRACKER Alert – Procedure Backlog

    Insights in the report include:

    • What procedures are being performed or are being backlogged in May
    • Expectations, concerns, and challenges for performing procedures
    • Volume changes to elective vs. non-elective procedures performed
    • What physicians are most concerned about and first-hand accounts of what is happening on the ground at their facilities

    April 2020 TRACKER Alert – Procedure Volumes 

    Insights in the report include:

    • When elective procedures volumes are expected to increase and return to normal
    • Changes and modifications to treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Changes to facility operations and purchasing
    • Potential challenges patients are facing
    April TRACKER Alert
    March TRACKER Alert

    March 2020 TRACKER Alert – The Effects on US Physicians 

    Insights in the report include:

    • Specific procedures and facility types that have been impacted the most
    • Expected length of surgical case delays by category
    • New protocols hospitals, medical practices, and ASCs are implementing
    • Current supply shortages and anticipated shortages in the future

    In addition to our COVID-19 Alerts, Guidepoint Qsight has gathered insights on a growing range of procedure-specific trends and sentiments for a wider range of TRACKER Alerts in the MedTech space. Click here to view the available reports.

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